Sunday, November 05, 2006

politics and humanity (The real deal)

It is evident to me that as a society we have become takers rather than givers. This bothers me because the whole idea of taking encompasses the ideals of greed. If we are the last kid standing in the sandbox with all the toys for ourselves then who do we play with. The fact is that none of us no matter how smart or how tough do not get through this life on our own. If we are really lucky we are born into a loving family that will raise us and teach us all the things that we need to know to get along. Thats kind of the idea of family. And really successful families are those that live by the idea that it is more important to think of the needs of other family members instead of thinking only of ones self. Take this a step further and assume that as a society we are essentially a large family. But instead of taking care of and nurturing each other we take the stance that it is better to think of ourselves than others around us. We all have our special agendas and for the most part don't care how these agendas effect other people in our society. We have forgotten, or worse yet, never were aware of some very simple truths. For the sake of discussion I will call these simple truths "basic human rights". These are things or more so Ideals that all of us as human beings have an inalienable right to.

Firstly we all have the right to live. To carry on our lives without the fear of someone else taking that life from us.

We all have the gift of free will and an absolute right to exercise this free will, so long as we do not infringe upon the free will or the property of others. It is wrong to hurt someone else or to coerce them or to tell them how to live.

We all the right to make our own choices for ourselves.

We all the right to have and maintain our dignity.

We all have the right to pursue our dreams and be happy.

We all have the right to love whomever we wish.

We all have the right to believe what we wish.

We all have the right to have the laws of all nations and peoples respect these rights.

These are the real basics and unfortunately these basics are the very things that our society ignore even though they are important to all of us. We have allowed religion to become politics in a world that cannot even prove the existence of "God". The only thing that we can prove is that we exist. It is the differences in our segregated belief systems that is the real root of our all of our problems. I don't want Johnny Catholic telling me how to live my life because maybe I don't believe what he believes. The same goes for Joe Muslim, or Jimmy Buddist. They are entitled to believe what they want to. Let me believe what I want and live my life accordingly. As long as I do not hurt anyone along the way then who should really care. We can all live together peacefully but it will take respect for each other and perhaps a bit of tolerance thrown in for good measure. If you think I am wrong about any of what I have said then perhaps you should take a look around. Keep the Idea of "Basic Human Rights" in mind , kind of like a measuring stick. Decide if these rights are things that you are entitled to and if so then everyone must be equally entitled. Look at the facts and see what you think. I think we could fix things if we were'nt so busy telling each other how to live.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What will it take to create an understanding of ourselves and others in order to realize a better world for all of us?